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Our company has a first-class product R&D and manufacturing team in the same industry. Besides, we have established a prompt response system for product delivery and a quality control system whilst having obtained multiple proprietary intellectual property rights. So far our products have come into wide use in Smart City, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Storage and other fields. 


AproCloud is a supplier for professional computer unit solutions that takes the lead in the world. Our company engages in providing Clients with professional OEM/ODM service in the Cloud Computing and Big Data area, as well as total solutions for the research, production and manufacturing of system-based products  and customized cloud computing and big data servers.

Following the business concept of “Profession, Innovation and Sharing” and regarding “Serving Clients, pursuit of excellence, good faith and concrete effort” as our core value and guideline of action, we have made continuous effort in promoting technological and product innovation and in creating value for customers and society.