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AproCloud is a supplier for professional computer unit solutions that takes the lead in the world. We engages in providing customers with professional OEM/ODM service in the cloud computing and big data area, as well as total solutions for the research, production and manufacturing of system-based products  and customized cloud computing and big data servers. 


Mass Production


Product Develop

Industrial Design

Product Analysis

Stick to independent research and development


Demand Analysis, Cost Analysis, Specification Confirmation

Product Analysis


Product Develop


Hardware Development

Software Development

Mass Production


Sample Confirmation

 Mass Production


Industrial Design



Mechanical Design

ODM Services

We engages in providing clients with professional OEM/ODM service in the Cloud Computing and Big Data area

With excellent user experience and individualization, the design concept is designed to ensure the high reliability of the product with strict mechanical design.

Appearance Design

With the premise of energy saving and low noise,

the maximum heat transfer efficiency is realized by

the innovative combined heat dissipation technology.

Heat dissipation Design

EMC Design

With the pursuit of excellence as a hardware design principle, a strict test is used to achieve high stability of the product.



The perfect integration of aesthetics and engineering as the design goal Redefine the form of the server product with exquisite industrial design.

Mechanical Design

Industrial Design

Hardware development

Our electronic design, research and development service includes the design, research and development of high-speed backboard, X86 mainboard, ARM mainboard, Ethernet switch, and GPU card application. 


Software research and


Our software research and development service includes the development of MCU program, of Linux system transplant and drive, of the management software of system chassis, and of system aging test software. 




Drive & customization


Software & platform 

System assembly aging


Our production and manufacturing service includes the rapid designing of chassis, the manufacturing of precision sheet metal and system assembly aging. 

Laser Cutting

Sheet metal bending molding

Mold Forming

Production and manufacture