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AproCloud is a supplier for professional computer unit solutions that takes the lead in the world. Our company engages in providing clients with professional OEM/ODM service in the cloud computing and big data area.

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The main products involved in Cloud Computing, Big Data analysis, intelligent security, industrial control, storage areas, species richness, diversity, can meet the needs of customers from different angles, the company provides ODM/OEM services at the same time, and use all the previous product development profile, the user can from the download center get.

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The company has independent R & D capability and high production capacity, the ability to have industrial design, electronic research and development, design and production can complete the server chassis high precision and high complexity and the whole system, can according to the clients demand for fast and efficient product, has been successful for many well-known domestic manufacturers of customized industry dedicated server. Whether there is any doubt about our products, or if we want to consult the relevant parties or negotiate after sale, we will serve you wholeheartedly.