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Test Engineer

Test Engineer

Explanation of requirement

Position: test engineer

Number: 2

Specialty: computer, communication and related specialties;

Highest degree: bachelor’s degree

Gender: male or female

Registered permanent residence: /

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the overall hardware test of the product (mainboard + complete machine) and for working out the test plan and scheme;

2. Independently finish the hardware test report, output the test document and ensure product quality;

3. Assist the R&D engineer in analyzing problems as found during test and follow up and solve related issues;

Work ability and working experience

1. Bachelor’s degree or above; major in computer, communication, electronics and related specialties;

2. Have more than one year’s working experience;

3. Have the basic knowledge for veneer hardware and capable of understanding schematic diagram;

4. Familiar with the use of common test instrument;

5. Familiar with the Linux operation system and capable of compiling testing script;

6. Great ability in learning and comprehension and good communication and teamwork spirit;

7. He who is familiar with X86 and ARM platform test is preferred.


Salary: 8,000 - 12,000 Yuan;

Working place: Shenzhen

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