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Structure Engineer

Explanation of requirement

Position: structure engineer number: one

Specialty: machinery and related specialties;

Highest degree: bachelor’s degree

Gender: male or female

Registered permanent residence: /

Job responsibilities:

Be responsible for designing our company’s product structure, the trial production of the company’s machine case sample and small-batch production, formulating the case assembly process of related products, etc.

Work ability and working experience

1. Major in machinery, mechatronics, and related specialties;

2. Familiar with requirements on chasis heat dissipation and stability as well as standards on related test and inspection of high and low temperature of products, EMC and so on;

3. Proficient in using design software such as AUTOCAD, SolidWorks or Pro-E;

4. Great ability in communication and cooperation with team and in analysis and solving problems;

5. Have more than three year’s experience in designing plastic parts and sheet metal parts;

6. He who has experience in designing industrial control and server chasis is preferred.

Arrival time: any time;

Salary: 10,000 - 15,000 Yuan;